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16 May 2023

As 2023 progresses, we continue to offer opportunities for you to hear from Hireology leaders about industry trends, learn new tactics to get the most out of your Hireology account, and connect with your peers.

Through our quarterly Customer Connect events, we aim to bring Hireology customers together from across industries in curated conversations. Find out more about our upcoming event below!

Spring 2023 Customer Connect

May 18, 2023
Virtual Connect Experience

10:00-11:30 AM CDT

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27 April 2023

We're excited to announce another update to our Referrals platform, this time, in the form of Automated New Hire Referral Campaigns! These campaigns are designed to bring awareness of your referral program to new employees so they can share your job openings with anyone they'd like to refer. This is available to Hireology Pro customers who use the Referrals platform.

Here's how it works:

✅ Anyone marked as 'Hired' in Hireology will be automatically enrolled in the Automated New

20 April 2023

First, the tea 🫖

Hireology’s latest Indeed integration expansion, Indeed Disposition Sync, uses disposition data to help you improve applicant quality over time!

Here's what you need to know:

When actions are taken on applicants and candidates in your Hireology account, Indeed Disposition Sync automatically sends this information to Indeed. This data is aggregated by Indeed and used to improve the way jobs are displayed to job seekers with matching qualifications. To learn more, check out Inde

29 March 2023

We have updated our Referrals platform to simplify campaign creation and management! This enhancement is available to Hireology Pro customers who use the Referrals platform.


🌟Choose from 25 pre-built templates to cover top referral strategies - or create your own!

🌟Clearly see whether a campaign is in Draft, Scheduled, Sending, or Sent status.

🌟Customize campaign messaging and include dynamic fields for personalization.

🌟Schedule specific dates and times to begin campaigns.

To learn mor

23 March 2023


We are excited to introduce Beaker, our new tool powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT model that generates high-quality job descriptions in seconds! Beaker is still in beta and currently available on a first-come, first-served basis only. If you're interested in joining the beta program, you can let us know here! You can also click this link to see Beaker in action!


  • We have corrected the behavior in which the end dates for all jobs entered in an applicant's Employment History were b

9 March 2023

New ⭐

  • We have improved the time it takes to open Settings! Customers will now experience faster loading times when accessing Settings pages for a more seamless workflow.

  • Each reward table in Referrals now includes a job column, making it easier to track which jobs are generating the most referrals!

  • Our Netchex integration for Referrals has been updated to support an array of company IDs on the account and program levels, enabling businesses to integrate more easily with our platform.

Fixed 🔨

  • An is

2 March 2023

New 🎉

We have expanded our partnership with Indeed! This enhanced integration with the world's #1 job site improves Hireology’s job distribution capabilities, helping to fill critical job openings even faster. You can read more about it here!

Email Automation for Missing Information is now live! Opt-in to automatically request missing details from applicants who did not provide their First Name, Last Name, and/or Resume when applying for your open role. To learn how to enable automation, chec

23 February 2023


We've added a 'Clear Search' button to the Candidate Search (Advanced Search) page. Clicking this button immediately clears anything entered into the search fields and resets all filters so you can quickly begin a new search!


  • When replying to email messages from Inbox, email Subjects were not being captured. This has been corrected and the Subject line will now automatically populate to reflect the original email Subject. 🔥

  • We discovered that duplicate applicants were show

13 February 2023

In 2023 we look forward to offering you plenty of opportunities to hear from Hireology leaders about industry trends, learn new tactics to get the most out of your Hireology account, and connect with your peers.

Through quarterly events (both virtual and in-person), our Customer Connect events provide an opportunity to bring Hireology advocates together from across industries in curated conversations. Read on to learn about the exciting events we have planned this year so far.

Winter 2023 Customer

6 February 2023


Hireology Referrals

  • One Click: Hireology users can now launch referrals and quickly invite their team to ask for referrals without uploading a connector list or creating a campaign. This makes getting your referral campaigns out and into your network easier! You can learn more about it here!

  • Netchex & Hireology Referrals: Hireology Referrals now supports customers with multiple Netchex accounts! Customers can sync their employees to either one centralized referral program or individual re

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