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6 February 2023


Hireology Referrals

  • One Click: Hireology users can now launch referrals and quickly invite their team to ask for referrals without uploading a connector list or creating a campaign. This makes getting your referral campaigns out and into your network easier! You can learn more about it here!

  • Netchex & Hireology Referrals: Hireology Referrals now supports customers with multiple Netchex accounts! Customers can sync their employees to either one centralized referral program or individual referral programs, eliminating the need for manual CSV uploads.

LinkedIn Company ID

LinkedIn now requires that ATS partners provide each customer’s LinkedIn Company ID when sending jobs to LinkedIn. Hireology allows customers to input their company ID in the Settings page of their app. Check out Posting Hireology Jobs to your LinkedIn Company Page to learn how to do this.


27 January 2023

✨ Enhancements


  • Improvements to the 30-Day Overview Insights report have decreased load times, increasing usability for our customers. You can now expect this data to load in seconds!

  • We've changed the behavior of how candidates are counted in Insights reports. Previously, moving someone from candidate to declined, then back to candidate status was counted as one candidate. It will now be counted as two candidates unless these actions are completed on the same day.

👾 Fixed

Mass Decline

  • Users can now select and send a message template when declining multiple applicants and candidates! To learn more about how to mass decline, check out this article.


19 January 2023

UKG Pro provides the features you need for powerful HR, talent, payroll, and time functionality – all in one platform. With the Hireology and UKG Pro integration, send new hire data securely from Hireology to UKG Pro where you can streamline your people process. Learn more on how to take advantage of this integration here.


12 January 2023


Candidate communication just got easier with enhancements to the Inbox feature!

Inbox is a dedicated messaging center within the Hireology platform. It allows users to review and respond to applicants and candidates in one centralized location. Timely communication is critical in the hiring process to ensure you don’t miss out on top talent. Inbox allows you to stay organized and respond to candidates faster- without disturbing your current workflow. Learn more about Inbox HERE.

  • Enhancements:

    • When a user clicks on a message within Inbox a modal will appear directly to the left, allowing you to reply directly to that message without leaving the account you are currently viewing. 

    • If the original message was via email or text you can respond with the same communication type. 

    • Email and text templates will be accessible within Inbox as well as dynamic fields. 

    • You will be able to see the applicant's name and the role they applied for. You will also be able to click into the candidate's profile from Inbox.


19 December 2022


We've improved the wording and options for EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) information!

Here's what changed:

Gender, Veteran Status, and Disability Status questions now require a response whereas before a response was optional. Applicants can still select "decline to self identify" on any of the questions as one of the answers. We've clarified these changes with the following statement: "Answering these questions is optional and voluntary and your refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment."


  • Customers who were not previously able to can now send Text Messages to multiple people simultaneously.

  • We have fixed an issue that caused the 'Save' button to be unresponsive or the page to be stuck in a loading pattern when editing Prescreen Surveys.

  • Candidate Search updates solve for users not being able to find candidates who applied prior to the "last 30 days" filter. Users can now expect to see all candidates within their search parameters regardless of when they applied.


7 December 2022


Customers who have Hireology Referrals or a Professional package can now offer a new avenue for their applicants to apply to their open roles with TextApply and QR Codes!

TextApply and QR Codes let candidates quickly apply to jobs by either texting ‘Apply’ or scanning a QR code. Regardless of the method chosen, a text message conversation is automatically initiated with a chatbot that collects their application information. These phone numbers and QR codes can be shared anywhere - recruiter business cards, flyers, local job ads to help your team drive recruitment activity. Better yet, QR codes are trackable, so you can see how your campaigns perform, down to each individual flyer. Click Here to learn more!


  • New customers are not able to turn on disposition codes and make edits to the list of disposition codes available for use in "settings". Disposition codes are trackable reasons for not moving forward with an applicant or candidate. Learn more about how to turn disposition codes on or off and customize the available codes.

  • General improvements to website stability.


18 November 2022


  • Offer letters: If the “Signature Required” box is selected, it will now require a signature went sent to candidate. 

  • Interview scheduling: A candidate will receive an email notification when the interview is scheduled. 

  • Background checks: You will now be able to re-order a background check on a candidate when their initial background check request expired due to them not authorizing it in time (within a 10 day time frame).


28 October 2022

👾 Fixed

  • Career site jobs should now filter properly based on organizations.

  • The hiring manager list appears in alphabetical order again.

  • You can no longer place a SkillSurvey order without selecting a template first.


21 September 2022

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Job Distribution Core ATS
21 September 2022


  • Job Refresh is back! Easily set any open job to automatically refresh to the top of organic feeds every 60 days. Take a look at your jobs page for more details.


  • Users can now edit jobs even if the original hiring manager’s account is inactive. 

  • We fixed a display issue for some interview confirmation emails that would sometimes display an incorrect address.

  • Selecting “revise offer letter” no longer results in a blank page displaying for some users.

  • We fixed a bug that caused disposition codes to change in some instances after being selected.

  • We fixed a bug for some Referral users who could not update certain setting toggles when selecting social referrals.

🔦Feature Spotlight: Interview Self Scheduling

  • Get interviews booked faster with candidate interview self scheduling. Sync your calendar with Hireology to let applicants select and reserve interview times to fast-track conversations. Setup calendar sync in less than one minute now >


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